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“The Yellowknife Rescue” Cocktail (Guest Post)


“The Yellowknife Rescue” Cocktail (Guest Post)

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This was a really fun post to do. My good pal, and aviation pilot extraordinaire – Mr. Robin Robertson – and I got together to fool around with his original cocktail, The Yellowknife Rescue.

We started to play around with the drink – and got a little tipsy during the process – until we arrived at the finished product!

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Okay, this is a really cool name. What’s the story behind this cocktail?

Robin RobertsonWhile they lived up north, my parents dabbled in hunting caribou. And this one time, my dad was out with his buddies. Most sleds up north are less than 250cc, and that makes for a nice lightweight hunting machine. So him and two buddies, let’s call them Al and Steve, are headed out. Al is a longtime local and knows the use of a small snow machine. Steve, not so much. He has this beast with more weight on it than is normally suggested. They head out, and since Steve has more power, he suggests he’ll break off and scout ahead.

Anyways, my dad and Al find themselves a ledge and a herd of caribou. They lay down to set up their shots, and just then my dad looks over his shoulder.

Now, the Canadian arctic is a barren place, so a pillar of smoke rising from the horizon is less than normal. My dad shakes Al, so as to ask what it means, and Al simply responds with “oh fuck, Steve.”

They set off immediately, and after a few rises come across a very rare sight. A single tree, about a meter high, sits there next to a lake. It is thoroughly aflame.
And there’s Steve, his snowmobile half-sunk, jerry can of gas in his hand, and the only tree for five miles burning like a pyre. He’s a geologist, and he knew his only option to dry off was to light that little tree.
What inspired you to make this cocktail?

Robin RobertsonMy inspiration for the egg white and smoked glassware was, of course, the burning tree in the snow, the Gin just seemed appropriate as the liquor to accompany it.

As for the citrus… you recommended it, but let’s just say it was inspired by a yellow jerry can.
Thanks, Robin! I’m going to take over here. Here are the ingredients and the recipe:

Aviation gin 2 oz. | Egg White | Fresh Lemon Juice 3/4 oz. | Simple Syrup 3/4 oz. | Yellow Chartreuse 1/4 oz. |  Smoke the glass with Pine Needles | Garnish with Flamed Pine Needles

Combine all ingredients in a Shaker tin with ice and shake | Strain out into other tin, dump out ice and “Dry Shake” again. Strain into a coupe glass or rocks glass.


Robin had the general idea of the cocktail that he wanted to make, paired with the story that he wanted to tell. All I did was help him fine-tune the cocktail by getting the proper (and fresh) ingredients and adding something to give the Drink character! The Yellow Chartreuse felt like the perfect calling for this drink, especially for the drink’s namesake.

I tried experimenting by dashing in a few colorful bitters into the drink and it did not look that appealing (See below).

Enjoy the Yellowknife Rescue, courtesy of Robin Robertson and Joseph Plant.


This was the first tasty mistake we had!

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