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When you are trying to make cocktails on a budget, you find yourself in the need of adding as many flavors as you can without spending much money on new bottles. So after making a little research and reading waaaay too many bar menus, we found out that there is one way to do that. Start making infusions. 

Infusions are, by definition, soaking fruits, spices etc. in liquor and then straining it off. Sounds simple nice and easy right? Well, that’s half the truth. It is pretty simple to make, trying to match all the flavors and find mouthwatering combinations. But there is one very important factor that must be taken into consideration…time. It can be pretty challenging to find how much time the flavorings must stay in the liquor to give it the best level of flavor and aroma. There are many directions online and in books, but our trial and error experience says go with your gut. Try the infusion every 2 days and when you feel like it has the taste you were going for, strain it. 

Here at A Cocktail Odyssey, we love infusions. We have infused whisky with cocoa nibs, vodka with chamomile and tequila with juniper berries. We love the depth infusions can give to your drink and we also Love combining flavors. You can find inspiration from quite honestly anything and you should experiment as much as you can. Mostly we tried finding ways to combine our favorite flavors without the use of shrubs or syrups, and it didn’t turn out that bad. Infusions also give you the opportunity to use a wider flavor pellet in your cocktail as you have many flavoring factors in one simple ingredient. 

We advise you to start simple, use spirits you are familiar with, experiment as much as you can until you get the desired result and most importantly, have fun!  

Purple Agave’s & Negroni Damsel’s: A COCKTAIL ODYSSEY

Cocktailian Joe here: I would like to proudly introduce everybody to Two wonderful ladies that will be taking you through a cocktail odyssey through Athenian Bars, as well as giving you helpful guides to become a craft bartender while living on a budget! Oh, and to add some mystery, the two ladies keep their identities secret!

Hey, Purple Agave here! A 20-year old girl who apparently loves the color purple and since the cocktail world inexcusably lack of purple things decided to change the color of one of the most appreciated plants. Being a computer science student can fill many hours in the day, but doing fun things is always necessary. And is there a better way to have fun than experimenting with flavors? Since you are reading this I’ll take for granted that the answer is ΝΟ. Even though I grew up in a house without many spirits laying around, I was always fascinated by the variety of bottles at the liquor stores and wanted to try them all. So I grew up and decided that that’s what I wanted to do. Try as many as I can and try to combine all the different flavors. However, I got to love some flavors more than others. My absolute favorite spirit is  *drum rolls*……Gin! And now you are wondering what is wrong with her. To make things clear let me say that if Gin is my darling husband, Tequila is the irresistible hot guy with whom I am cheating on him. But on this journey of flavor discovering I am not alone. I go through my odyssey with my best friend, The Negroni Damsel. She also suggested that we should describe each other to close our paragraphs and I agreed since I couldn’t think of anything better. So if I had to describe her using five words I would say she is: Energetic, Inspired, Intuitive, Witty and Loud! 


Hi, people of the booze world. I am the second half of the Cocktail Odyssey and the person behind the camera, the Negroni Damsel. I am 20 years old as well and I love expressing myself through my hobbies especially writing. The name comes from two things; the damsel part comes from the fact that I am a little dramatic and very expressive person; the Negroni part comes from my obsession with negronis. That being said I am a huge fan of gin and anything botanical based, mostly vermouth. That’s why the Negroni is my go to drink. I like to think of it as a nice warm hug. There isn’t any specific time that I got into the spirits world since I always remember myself being impressed by the people that could taste so many different things in one drink. If I could narrow it down to two moments that really made me fall in love with this somewhat weird hobby I would say watching the movie “Cocktail” at the age of 15 and the same year seeing a flair bartender practicing on the beach. Finally, since it was my idea the whole five-word description thing, here it goes. Purple agave is: Assembled, Quiet, Logical (a bit too much), Observing and Patient.
The goal we are trying to achieve with our Instagram account (@acocktailodyssey) and our future blog posts is to push ourselves into creating cocktails that taste good but don’t drain a student’s budget! Oh, and also give you a taste of the great and advancing Athenian bar scene just in case you’ve ever wondered if our small country has high-end bars. We do and they all are top notch…follow us and you’ll see for yourselves. We hope you will accompany us in this adventurous journey… and as we say in Greek: “Yamas”!