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Monthly ArchiveOctober 2017


When you are trying to make cocktails on a budget, you find yourself in the need of adding as many flavors as you can without spending much money on new bottles. So after making a little research and reading waaaay too many bar menus, we found out that there is one way to do that. Start making infusions. 

Infusions are, by definition, soaking fruits, spices etc. in liquor and then straining it off. Sounds simple nice and easy right? Well, that’s half the truth. It is pretty simple to make, trying to match all the flavors and find mouthwatering combinations. But there is one very important factor that must be taken into consideration…time. It can be pretty challenging to find how much time the flavorings must stay in the liquor to give it the best level of flavor and aroma. There are many directions online and in books, but our trial and error experience says go with your gut. Try the infusion every 2 days and when you feel like it has the taste you were going for, strain it. 

Here at A Cocktail Odyssey, we love infusions. We have infused whisky with cocoa nibs, vodka with chamomile and tequila with juniper berries. We love the depth infusions can give to your drink and we also Love combining flavors. You can find inspiration from quite honestly anything and you should experiment as much as you can. Mostly we tried finding ways to combine our favorite flavors without the use of shrubs or syrups, and it didn’t turn out that bad. Infusions also give you the opportunity to use a wider flavor pellet in your cocktail as you have many flavoring factors in one simple ingredient. 

We advise you to start simple, use spirits you are familiar with, experiment as much as you can until you get the desired result and most importantly, have fun!